Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mobile Augmented Reality

Mobile Augmented Reality systems allow the visualization of digital information, via a mobile device, about a certain locality, thus “augmenting” the available information. The following photos show us two systems of this sort.

Wikitude AR Travel Guide, prototype developed by Mobilizy to run on Android (Google mobile phone operating system

The above image shows a system with the same mobile augmented reality technology that overlaps real image with software-generated 3D objects/graphics. The system operates through computer vision techniques which allow the reading of black and white squares on the real image. The user points the mobile to something containing the squares and the overlapped digital tri-dimensional which is also, interactive (multi-touch). When the user moves/rotates the mobile he can visualise different perspectives of the 3D object, which can also be animated. Furthermore, the system can detect many simultaneous squares thus allowing him the interaction with the different 3D objects by using the mobile’s multi-touch interface (iPhone).

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