Friday, October 12, 2007

David Batchelor - Colour and Light

Through his artwork and writing, David Batchelor explores the concept of colour as a unique phenomenon: how colour’s omnipresence in everyday experience transcends function and aesthetics to create its own symbolic orders.

Brick Lane Remix 1 - Using second-hand light-boxes and shelving units, Batchelor’s Brick Lane Remix 1 is part of a series of work exploring how colour and culture are inextricably entwined. Grouping together a collection of electric signs found in the Banglatown area of London, Batchelor’s installation perfectly captures the gritty and exotic aura of Brick Lane, a shady side street notorious for prostitution, Jack the Ripper, and more recently, curry houses. Framing these cultural references as minimalist screens of neon hues, Batchelor creates a form of visual literature, isolating the essence of locality and contemporary legend. Source: Saatchi Gallery web site

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