Sunday, October 28, 2007


Electroland is a team that creates comprehensive and multi-disciplinary urban projects and scenarios. Electroland is a place where the vast network of electronic impulses and symbolic exchanges became tangible.


This project consists of a luminous field of LED lights embedded into the entry walkway that respond to the presence of visitors; a massive display of lights on the building face that mirror the patterns of the entry; and video displays in the lobby and entry areas.


Electroland has designed a unique Target branded interactive experience adjacent to the newly reopened Rockefeller Center top floor observation decks. The Interactive Breezeway engages pedestrians in an ephemeral interactive encounter where their position and paths are traced by colorful avatars and effects.


This project features two glass pedestrian bridges designed as "Interactive Walkways," each with a field of LED lights embedded in resilient walking surfaces. Sensors detect the presence of people and the system triggers interactive light patterns on the walkway floor.


Computer controlled colored lights fill 81 windows extending over 180 meters at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc.) Patterns are controlled by cellphone by any caller from any location, raising issues concerning private interaction and control of public spaces.

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