Monday, September 10, 2007

Softspace - Contemporary Interactive Environments

This Saturday I attended “Softspace” conferences, in Tate Modern.
"Softspace deploys new spatial systems including wearable computing, wifi, RFID and custom-designed digital software incorporating light, heat, sound and electromagnetic fields. These not only rely on people’s individual ways of interacting with them, but are enriched by narratives people contribute, creating new metaphors of use."

I was very impressed with the work quality of Jason Burges Studio.

Jason Bruges Studio, founded in London in 2001, creates surfaces, spaces and large scale interventions involving architecture, installation art and interaction design. Innovative technologies are adapted from a variety of industries and coupled with materials and fabrication techniques from the construction industry.


This work of Despina Papadopoulos is "part fantasy, part irony, the ClickSneaks subvert both the traditional attributes of a pair of shoes, and expose the multi-layered relationship we have with our clothes and accessories.
For the ClickSneaks the sound of the inspirational high heels has been recorded, only to be activated on each step the revamped sneakers take. Surface mount technology makes it possible to fit the necessary components in the sneakers: the original “click” sound is recorded on a voice chip, while a speaker, amplifier and an accelerometer acting as a “switch”, transform these seemingly normal sneakers into a flighty performance".

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