Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cutting-Edge Cloth

Today this event in Dana Centre explores the relationship between wearable technology and future fashion.
"we use renowned designer Hussein Chalayan’s 2007 collections as a springboard for discussion and hear from those involved at the cutting edge.
Future-fashion guru Suzanne Lee shares insights into the role wearable technology has to play within the field of fashion. Is it destined to remain on the catwalk? Or is there a way into the mass market for creations like those in the Hussein collections? Are they purely inspirational?
What do engineers have to do with fashion? Ask Rob Edkins, whose company 2d:3d worked with Hussein, putting together a series of mechanical dresses. Chat with someone who runs a ‘renaissance’ workshop… and find out what organisations like this do for future creativity.
Electronic engineer and designer Moritz Waldemeyer shares his experience of working at the interdisciplinary interface. What does the process of concept realisation look like in practice? How is technology being used to enhance methods of interaction with spaces and people? And where does fashion come into it all?"

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