Monday, September 10, 2007

kameraflageTM Technology

kameraflageTM is a Context-Sensitive Display Technology. I believe this amazing tecnhology could be very interesting in creative development.
How it works? kameraflageTM technology encodes a layer of information that can only be viewed by the human eye when looking at an image of the scene taken by a camera. No software needs to be installed on a camera-phone or digital camera for kameraflageTM to work.

kameraflage fashionTM:
kameraflage fashionTM forces people to think about the reproduction of images in the age of ubiquitous digital imaging devices. Kenneth Cole once said that "In cities everyone is on camera hundreds of times each day. Will you be dressed for it?". kameraflageTM is uniquely positioned to allow designers to create garments and accessories that speak specifically to those who are viewing through a digital camera viewfinder or who view the resulting digital image.
kameraflageTM allows for a new level of expression for those who are required to wear a uniform. Students at private schools and employees of chain-stores will be able to express themselves to their cameraphone toting peers. Will entities that seek to enforce dress-codes be able to combat this technology? Because it is only perceptible within the confines of mediated reality (cyberspace), yet exists in physical-reality, any attempt to control this form of expression will result in forcing people to discuss this decidedly modern grey-area.
The first hand-made prototype was worn by international model at the 2006 Fall Fashion Week in Paris, France

kameraflage billboardTM:
kameraflage billboardTM technology allows advertisers to place messages in new locations and situations. There are locations where it is currently inappropriate to place branded messages. This is true for historic locations, galleries, museums, etc. Using kameraflage billboardTM advertisers can place their messages in these locations without altering the naked-eye experience. As soon as someone takes a photograph your message becomes apparent.
Encourage audiences to seek out your messages. Build your brand around an interactive experience, where discovery, sharing and technology play a leading role


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